Dormi - Baby Monitor Apk

Dormi - Baby Monitor Apk

Latest version 3.4.3
07 Nov 2020

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Rating4.0/5, based on 15,199 votes
Size‎4.9 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.1+ (Jelly Bean)
Author's NotesSmart Audio & Video nanny in your pocket

About Dormi - Baby Monitor APK

Dormi - Baby Monitor APK Download for Android
Dormi - Baby Monitor APK Download for Android


Dormi includes all standard features of an audio hardware baby monitor, along with video streaming (using your phone’s camera) and some surprising extras.

Works at any distance. It can use any available route to connect parent and child units (WiFi, mobile data - Edge, 3G, 4G, HSPA+, LTE), and can work even when Internet is not available (WiFi Direct, HotSpot / AP). If connection with the child device is lost, the parent device will notify you.

Uses strong cryptography to keep you from unpleasant surprises that are all too common on regular IP based dedicated HW monitors.

Ultimate feature? You can connect MULTIPLE devices in parent mode to a single child device simultaneously.

There is no need to configure microphone sensitivity - Dormi adjusts to noise levels automatically. Leave the device several meters away from the sleeping baby and it will still be able to detect when it cries and amplify the sound for the parent device as if it were placed right next to the baby.

Press and hold the Listen button to hear sound from the child device even while the baby is not crying. Equally, use the Talk button to talk back to soothe or calm the baby while you are on your way.

Dormi will even notify you about missed calls and new text messages received on the child device, so you will not miss something important while not having direct access to the device.

If the baby starts crying while you are on the phone, you will be notified with vibrations and a gentle beep to your ear - without abruptly disturbing the phone call, yet letting you know.

Of course, Dormi works in the background, even when the device screen is off. Great care has been taken to limit battery usage - you can monitor for many hours on one charge.

Have you got an old Android device sitting in the drawer that you have no use for? Not anymore - try using it as the child device with Dormi. We have made the effort to ensure it runs from Android 2.3 onward.

Although unlimited monitoring is paid, you will get 4 hours of monitoring for free every month. If you do decide to make a purchase, you only have to do so on one of the devices participating in the monitoring.

Latest updates

What's new in version 3.4.3

One of Murphy's computer laws says: "Every non trivial program has at least one bug".
Well, Dormi is definitely not trivial... 100k lines of code promises a lot happening under the hood. In this release we have fixed 2 extremely rare bugs, and if it weren't for the law, we would be on the trajectory to reach bug-free very soon.

In addition, we squeezed the app into 100KB less - apk size is now back to under 5MB! Every byte counts on older devices where the app likely runs in child-mode.

How to install Dormi - Baby Monitor APK on Android phone or tablet?

Download Dormi - Baby Monitor APK file from ApkClean, then follow these steps:

Update Phone Settings

  • Go to your phone Settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications (varies with device)
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK

Go to Downloads

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded (com.sleekbit.dormi-v3.4.3.apk)
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

Older Versions

3.4.3 (58)4.9 MB
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3.4.0 (55)5 MB
3.3.3 (54)5 MB
3.3.2 (53)5 MB
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User's Reivew

4 ★baby monitors are expensive, and we live in a small home where we don't really need one. on the occasion we do need a baby monitor, Dormi is a great option! I simply pair my device with my spouse's, leave my phone near the baby, and that gives us a little more freedom (nothing crazy here, just playing in the yard with our toddler, having dinner on the porch, and whatever else you want to do at home. this app is not a babysitter).
2 ★the night vision is only available on "v3.4 android and above" I don't even know what that means but my Samsung s8 doesn't have it so I'm no able to use it. So this app is useless for night time (when is most needed). Also,the camera goes to sleep when is not motion in the room so you have to hold the camera thingy to see baby. which is not convenient of you want to keep an eye on baby when sleeping. it must be active in all times.
1 ★my girls lay there crying their eyes out, device did not react at all, or give notification that connection was lost. sure it works sometimes, and then it's really nice but you CANNOT trust it. And if it's one thing that you need to be able to trust, it's your baby monitor. Really disappointed in this app, I wish I could rate it negative stars.
4 ★quite a good app for what it is supposed to do. mostly using it for travel. the fact that it uses mobile if wifi fails was my main reason to buy the unlimited monitoring. However there is one major issue that makes it less user friendly. 1) no option to select continuous audio/video - have to hold the button down which makes it clunky esp. when changing video options/camera. I connect my phone to charger so drain is not an issue. I would prefer if that option existed.
1 ★Used to be a pretty good app, but don't buy it now. Beware. The app has been abandoned and fallen into disrepair. 1. The connection between two devices will drop randomly for no apparent reason (signal is fine) 2. When it loses connection, I manually have to reconnect it to get it to work again. There's an alert for that, which will wake you up a bunch of times at night 3. 3g/4g functionality no longer works. As soon as I leave WiFi it won't connect no matter what. No response from developer.
1 ★Want to like it, good quality app with useful options, but it has terrible controls and I cannot work the video view on my phone! You have to hold and slide the eye tab to view video, but even if I drag it all the way over, it just snaps back to the side! Am I really supposed to hold the button down to view video? I can't leave the camera open to watch it as a monitor?? The app could truly be perfect if viewing were more user friendly. As it is now, the interface is unusable!
5 ★This app is great! I would refer this product to anyone looking for a baby monitoring app! No problems with it and super easy to use.
4 ★Works really well and saved us for about a month when the receiver for our baby monitor suddenly stopped working. This app allowed us to take our time to research a better "baby monitor" solution. If there's a way to use this app with existing WiFi cameras (like Wyze Cam) I would reinstall it in a heartbeat and purchase the unlimited lifetime subscription.
1 ★Loosing signal all the time for no reason. All other devices are fine on the network. Don't buy the premium.
4 ★I love it with my first child, 3 years ago (2017) and i loved it now. I use a white noise app at the same time, and sometimes that confuses the monitor. But unloved that u can check the sound feedback anytime and can choose to use or not the camera. Also a big plus is that it doesn't keep de phone screen on, it just lights up when noise is detected.
1 ★Both the camera and monitor devices were beeping loudly, seemingly at random, despite both being set on silent. No error message displayed, but I can't imagine this is happening to everyone. I didn't waste much time trying to troubleshooting, just moved on to another app. Besides that, setting it up was easy, but the drag to play / pause / stop is not intuitive at all.
3 ★At first, I loved using this app when we were away from home to monitor my baby, but now it keeps loosing the connection to my phone. My husband has the same style phone and it works on his phone to another persons phone but I can't use my phone as the parent or child device. not sure what's up with that. We tried over wifi and over the mobile network and can't seem to get it to work. Major bummer because we liked this app!