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Coultous Box ITC Apk

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24 Oct 2018


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Rating3.7/5, based on 130 votes
Size‎11.2 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.1+ (Jelly Bean)
Author's NotesReverse Audio Randomiser For ITC Spirit Communication And Paranormal Research.

About Coultous Box ITC APK

Coultous Box ITC APK Download for Android
Coultous Box ITC APK Download for Android


A whole new rewritten app based on my experience with other apps I've worked on.

This system operates 5 audio channels of random sound bytes that are all reversed and chopped audio.

The apps banks contain over 5000 sound bytes that will morph together to recreate human words.

You can change the background by pressing the logo to give you a choice of 2 backgrounds to use in the app.

Bank based ITC research is becoming very popular these days amongst paranormal researchers world wide. We are all slowly making communication with spirit possible for most people which is a great achievement using today's technology, Which is moving us forward from traditional radio based ghost boxes which can be very expensive.

I would like to thank everybody who has supported by research over the years and helped me develop further in the ITC field.

For this reason I created and named this app Coultous Box to celebrate the success of my work and also give users a memorable app of my existence in the ITC Research field.

This app is experiential and to be honest I couldn't say who or what you are talking to when using the app.

It would be awesome if you have any recordings to share them with me so I can see the results of my work.

Thank you all so much for your support.

Want to buy a REAL ghost box please check my boxes out on facebook.

Please like my paranormal page on facebook for new releases and beta tests.

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  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

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User's Reivew

3 ★The sliders are kinda hard to use. If you added + and - buttons to change it slowly and with more precision, that would be helpful. As for actual validity of the app, the jury's still deliberating... At work (I'm a security guard in a one-person guard shack), in an area affected by high-tension power lines (serious emf field source), I picked up words, phrases, and sentence fragments, at least half of which made sense to me: one mentioned a broken seal (single-use plastic or metal band that locks into place)... I don't know if it was reading my energy, because I was thinking about a MISSING seal...
4 ★Still evaluating, but heard my name called several times; the volume is somewhat quiet though, so I had to plug an external amplified speaker into my phone, to hear it. On Samsung Galaxy S8+
2 ★It's Halloween, 1:28 am. I am already gifted. I ran this app for 15 mins and heard 4 different voices, yet NOT ONE word. Just " " If anything, it sounded like I was listening to people talk on cordless phones. Absolutely NOT the real thing.
5 ★This is great app. I recently lost a close friend and I ask if she was with me, I heard her sons name Chance come through and a ''code'' word we would say👼✳ R.I.P. Jessica Cecilia Ferguson
3 ★All it does is ramble a man and woman rambling in incomplete sentences is there a point to it? Why don't someone create something actually for phones for paranormal that works.
5 ★Seems to be a good app, used it in my living room and nothing came through (glad it didn't haha) will use it on a investigation soon, hopefully I'll get something.
5 ★This app is amazing i was tryin . To talk to my dead grandma and all it kept saying was my name and i asked what color shirt i was wearing and it actually said the color of my short this app is amazing u should dowload it
5 ★I love it they all saying God and heaven is real and I keep gettin Peter or Heather so great then say listen brill
4 ★Can't exactly give this 5 Stars yet, however I did take a few minutes to sit down and dial in a frequency that seems to work well
5 ★This is an awesome app and I had trouble getting it going and Mark worked on it with me thank you Mark you're awesome for doing that five stars I do 10 if they were more thank you thank you thank you
3 ★I like the idea of this app but I don't understand how to use it may be this is me who can't understand but it is very difficult to figure out how to use this app heard lot of noises at the same time and don't understand a single word .. Could anyone explain me how to use it I really wanted to use this app so I can talk to my mother if she is around :( hey Mark I tried to use this app but I failed so I'm going to uninstall sorry man
3 ★I can't really rate this app. It hasn't worked for me at all. I just get those 6,000 snippet voices from my coultous box file in my phone. I would think it would be a little staticy(?), but I don't think I could hear much over those snippets. I thought it would be like u c on those shows, hearing a snippet now & then, but mostly only hearing when a "spirit" speaks & they can say more than 1 word. Plus u don't need any box 2 hear them if they want 2b heard...but most important u aren't hearing a reletive or whomever...they r dangerous! The only thing u would b contacting is the devil or 1 of his slaves. U need 2 read ur Bible more! Thats prob why I cant hear any, I'm protected by God. (?Mayb) But once u die no1 has the power, but God or the devil, 2 return 2 earth. Its in the Bible. Evil will do it 2get u more interested...2 pull u in closer 2 him. It is interesting, but not enuf for me 2 believe its nothing more than evilness. Sry, have fun, but b safe!

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