Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. Apk

Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. Apk

Latest version 1.0
23 Feb 2017


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Rating4.0/5, based on 85,970 votes
Size‎24.2 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Author's NotesVast survivalMultiplayer, crafting, building, hunting, voice chat, no zombies.

About Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. APK

Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. APK Download for Android
Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. APK Download for Android


VAST, is a brand new, open world, multiplayer survival game for mobile!
The only goal is to survive on the battlegrounds, with the features such as crafting, building, voice chat, military bases, thick forests, rusty towns, hunting, and the much more will come as we update the game!
New Battle Royale Mode coming soon!
Download now for FREE, all screenshots you see are taken from gameplay!!
If you have ever wanted to play survival games like you would find on the PC, now you can, on your mobile device!
Vast also requires a good device for the game to run smoothly, and is currently only in the alpha testing phase.


- Multiplayer up to 26 players per room!!
- Next gen AAA 3D graphics
- Voice chat
- Craft weapons, clothes, and much more
- Building your own base!
- 100KM open world
- Military gear
- First person, and third person views
- Aim down weapon sights
- Cross platform, play with friends on iOS
- Under 150 MB, small download!
- Not pay to win!
- Hunting, hunt deer and many other animals (will be fixed soon)
- Funny interactions with other players
- Many more features coming in weekly updates


This is not your typical zombie survival game, your enemies in Vast are not zombies, your enemy's are other players, animals, weather, and sickness. Hunt deer and other animals to stay alive in the harsh world.
Above all, please remember that this game is still in development, you will run into performance issues, unfinished features, lack of content, lots of bugs, and more. If you are not ready for the above, please wait to play the final version. We will be working with the community to make this the best survival game, ever!
If you have ideas, or suggestions, please let us know, we always love to hear feedback.

Please read!

Above all, remember Vast is in alpha, it is not even in beta yet, this game WILL have, lag, crashes, un finished features, lack of content, and everything else that comes with alpha, if you are not ok with that, please wait until the beta release!
Instead of leaving a bad review, try emailing us first so we can try to sort it out, or look into it!

Thanks for playing Vast, and most importantly have fun.

Latest updates

What's new in version 1.0

We have changed a lot in this update, expect lots of bugs!
- New map
- New pickaxe (stone/metal)
- New hatchet (stone/metal)
- New craftable Semi auto
- New Scrap pile for loot
- New rocks
- New spring needed for guns
- New pipe needed for shotgun
- Player name tags
- Icons for most items
- Working Animal AI (WIP)
- New deer
- New bear
- Sensitivity slider
- Grass toggle on/off
- Draw distance slider
- A few things to help stop hackers
- Log out timer (help stop combat logging)
- Jump button

How to install Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. APK on Android phone or tablet?

Download Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. APK file from ApkClean, then follow these steps:

Update Phone Settings

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  • Tap Security or Applications (varies with device)
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK

Go to Downloads

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded (com.hoodoogames.vast-v1.0.apk)
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

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User's Reivew

4 ★Vast development team it is a request from each and every player to update this game & make this game the best in the android game world. Otherwise in 2 months there is a game coming know as durango Which is going to take over the mobile game world & I am pretty much sure about it. Now it's your decision to update the game to the next level or be left behind after 2 months.
3 ★I think this game has great potential, but it needs to be improved. The ads on the game are placed in bad spots and can make the game freeze. When multiple people are shooting guns the game freezes, and the game freezes majority of the time when respawing. There needs to be more animals. This game has potential so please fix the things i mentioned and the other bugs in the game
3 ★GOD MODE RUINS THIS GAME AND THEY HAVEN'T FIXED IT This game is so fricken addicting and fun. The concept is amazing and it's as close to DayZ or Battlegrounds as you'll get on a phone. Updates are REALLY needed however. Especially cracking down on the cheats since more than half the players use God mode and ruin the game.
4 ★Well it's the best concept so far. Only thing it's a kill game.. Nothing to do at all. U need to add lot of stuff in here. And off course add a single player option too. And how do we get our account if we forgot our ID and password?
5 ★Hello i rated 5 star and its th best ge ive ever played my whole life! like srsly its like rust but my only problem is why can i only build a small barricade? And when i built it and put it down it disappears pls respond to my comment kindly thank you.
1 ★i keep getting kicked out of the servers im on. not sure if its the guys hosting the server or if it is the game crashing every time. without figuring out what the problem is, i have no choice but to give this a rock bottom review. Sorry
1 ★These guys have a great concept for a phone app. However I paid 6$ to isolate my server with a password. After two hours somehow someone showed up killed me and took all guns. Even though the server wasn't isolated. Why did I pay 6$ again? You took my money for a service. Then didn't provide it. I want my money back!
4 ★more guns craftable such as a semi-auto pistol or more rifles plz btw I think you should make a yt channel. and can u aim more for rust like starting with a rock and building planers more armor things such as plz and thx
2 ★edit: im rating two stars now.. from are taking TOO LONG to update and fix.. TOO LONG.. the game is CONSTANTLY crashing... I cant play for more than 10 mins wihout kick outs or crashes
2 ★I would give it 5 stars, but the no zombies thing sucks. Who doesn't love zombies? I don't know why everyone's saying that the graphics are great because they're not. I have them all the way at max settings and it was not good. Game is really boring.
2 ★Honestly don't see the point. I joined a game just to gather wood, metal, get murdered. I went back to the same spot, standing naked to get shot again. Killing fresh spawns - then bear killed me. I mean it could be fun but those first impressions made me uninstall.
5 ★Vast is a really good game and it could have a future on mobile. All it needs is more solid updates and patches. I love this game and have for a year and a half now. I really hope they bring more content out in the future. Almost forgot please put a lot more places to loot please that's all I'm asking for in the next update. :)

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