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Latest version 1.1.0
06 Apr 2016

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Rating4.4/5, based on 39,972 votes
Size‎12.5 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Author's NotesBuild it. Sell it. Profit.

About The Factory APK

The Factory APK Download for Android
The Factory APK Download for Android


Can you build a self-sustaining factory without going bankrupt? You win the game once it's capable of playing itself!

"I like building forklifts." — Lenore

The Factory is a mash-up of a crafting sim, resource manager and clicker. Start by purchasing raw materials, building basic items to sell at a profit, and slowly working up the crafting chain to the more complex items. The highest tier items are called Builders, and are capable of manufacturing items for you. There's even a Builder Builder which manufactures more builders.

"NEED MOAR" — Richard

The Factory contains two In-app Purchases, a bailout and a supply package. Most players should never need these, and indeed if you run out of money you can just start over with a generous initial budget. However, if you just need a small bump to keep going, maybe a bailout is for you. Alternatively if you want to jumpstart a production run, a supply package can save you time.

This game was made as a hobby project more than anything else, and was inspired by the concept of a clicker that clicks for you.

Latest updates

What's new in version 1.1.0

-added: Google Play powered Achievements and Leaderboards (available on the Game tab)
-added: scrollable ingredients list if overflowing
-fixed: Jet build bar being empty
-fixed: tapping on ingredients to build
-fixed: negative supplies if used while marked for sale

How to install The Factory APK on Android phone or tablet?

Download The Factory APK file from ApkClean, then follow these steps:

Update Phone Settings

  • Go to your phone Settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications (varies with device)
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK

Go to Downloads

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded (com.electrowolff.factory-v1.1.0.apk)
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

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1.1.0 (9)12.5 MB
1.0.4 (8)12.2 MB
1.0.3 (7)12.1 MB
1.0.2 (6)11.1 MB
1.0.1 (5)11.1 MB

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User's Reivew

2 ★Great concept and almost a 5 star game but automation is awful. If you could choose what's selected it would be great. I built the auto purchaser and it wiped all my money out as soon as it was made. Also when waiting on sales, you have to be in app, so I was selling things that had times of 40 minutes, that's an obscene amount of time to sit in game, unless you play for an hour a day and make all your moves I can that time. This is my only complaint, fix this and it's a 5 star experience
3 ★Pretty fun game, amusing but confusing at points when you're trying to remember everything. When you get to the end (doesnt take much longer than 2 hours of being productive) the automation is terrible, inefficient and the higher tiers just waste your stuff. The sellers sell the basic products you need. The only good automated part are the purchasing taskers
4 ★Fun but gets boring quick. For the first couple of hours you'll be building toasters til you can get your builders constructed. Once they are maxed out you pretty much set it on cruise control building towers.
4 ★Fantastic, would be 5 stars but I feel this game could truly benefit from time progressing when the app is closed. For example I had a task that took ~90 minutes to complete, but to my disappointment, when I came back several hours later, it hadn't progressed at all. This in no way ruins the app, I just feel like it could be better. If it looks like something you might enjoy, trust me, it's worth a shot.
3 ★Overall it's a decent game, but like a lot of idle games there's no real sense of accomplishment especially in regards to operating a factory- on that premise I have to go with Assembly line, Mindustry, or Idle Power. I do have a tendency to replay games though especially on other devices so there's a pretty good chance I'll change my rating if it improves.
2 ★Good game? No. The building side is fun but selling... not so much, there's a large wait for premium items and since there's no background activity, a large portion of game time wasted. Then there's the bugs; started playing... great. Runs like a normal game but of course I progressed and earned a lot of money, which was somehow lost, along with most of my inventory, then I look at the sales history and oh my, what's that? my game save was lost just like that. Fortunately it's simple and boring
4 ★Interesting and fun game. You need to put in effort initially but once automation kicks you realise that everything has been produced and there is no point in continuing the game because all the money you make can only be used for making and selling more products to make more money and thats all. I did enjoy the game still.
4 ★Fun at first, but the automation is very limited and I lost interest when I saw that all automation automatically chose just one item to make, and that there was no way to change that. If I was able to pick which items my builders would try to make, then the game would be more awesome and naturally encourage me to keep playing. Even limiting the number of builders (either of each tier or in total) that I have would be fine. Or even just one for each item type automatically assigned would work.
4 ★Really nice concept, but doesn't have the option of having different machines focus on building different things making the entire process either really slow and tedious, or way too dispersed to provide any targeted efforts. And where is my R&D department when you need it? Couldn't they come up with some new colors, design or features to products worth more? Just a suggestion. Also, it could really use a function where it buid stuff (or at least still sold stuff) when not in the game.
3 ★This game is interesting and engaging, but terribly frustrating. The main goal is to build stuff in a factory and make a profit. You can eventually build automation to make more stuff faster with fewer clicks. However, the logic in the automatons is *terrible*. I don't know if this was done on purpose to make the game challenging or accidentally because it's hard to do, but either way it takes most of the fun out of the game. The seller starts selling things at a loss, builders aren't efficient.
3 ★Good concept, but I dislike that the purchaser cant be directed on what to purchase. I dont need rare metals as much. It would be nice to have a streamlined process from beginning to end. Also no idle feature. It would be nice to log off and come back to at least a few things made. I would even take a slower process ig offline. (IE takes a minute to make a box, I would accept 5+ minutes per box offline).
3 ★Its a decent game. I enjoyed trying to figure out the best strategy to generate revenue automatically, but once found you run out of new things to do quickly. The automated buying and selling need work. There is no way to specify which items to buy or which to sell. If you are building tier 3 items, you don't really want to sell off the components. Also, it would be nice to automate more than 1 item from each tier for manufacturing.